Want to spearfish outside of Socal? Try the Florida Keys!

Florida is the only state to have a coral reef ecosystem that is alive (besides Hawaii of course)! With these amazing reefs comes amazing spearfishing. One great spot to try is called middle keys. Unfortunately a lot of the other places are protected areas that do not allow spearfishing. Remember that you may need to boat out to some of these reefs because they are not always so close to the shore. If you do find shallow reefs however lookout for some yellowtail snapper that is hiding out.

Spearfisher in Middle Keys
Spearfisher in Middle Keys

In the summer time when the water temperature is considerably higher, the large fish tend to swim out to cooler waters. Sometimes you may have to travel as far as six miles out to find these big fish. Some of the popular fish that are out there include grouper and snapper: mutton, yellowtail, gray or mangrove, and hogfish.

If this sounds like something you are interested in I have included some contact information below to get you started.

Above and Below Extreme Ocean Sports at (305) 743-1880.

To join a Club Spear excursion, visit www.hallsdiving.com or call (800) 331-HALL.

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